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Swimming Eddie Dog Toy by Major Dog

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Swimming Eddie Dog Toy is the first Major Dog item made of natural rubber that floats in the water.

  • Bright floating toy
  • Natural rubber
  • Rope for throwing

Why We Love It:

It was developed especially for fun-filled fetch training in the water. This dummy id easy to find in the water for swimming dogs, thanks to it's shape. The attached cord enables you to throw it far. Made of natural rubber, rope, 100% polyester, and floating device EVA.

Major Dog training products for dogs were developed in Germany through intense collaborative efforts between trainers and dog owners.  We are the world's first TÜV-certified dog toy to meet the same safety standards as a child's toy.  Our toys are tested and do not contain Cadmium, phthalates, PAH, tinorganic compounds or azocolorants and tested to DIN EN 71-3/9 standards for weathering and scratch resistance. All of the training products were designed, tested and TÜV-certified during a development phase lasting several years in order to guarantee the highest standards for quality and function. Major Dog products are perfectly designed to meet your dog’s needs and are distinguished by their high-quality, durable materials.

Sizing Information:

3" x 4" for toy plus 8.5" rope

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